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Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, is organizing an online course on Intellectual Property and the Digital Economy that will consist of twelve sessions in September 2021. The course is part of a larger program of international capacity building cooperation that the United States and the Government of Singapore conducts for countries in Southeast Asia, called the Singapore-United States Third Country Training Program (TCTP). Launched in 2012, TCTP leverages the respective strengths of the United States and Singapore to help Southeast Asian countries and Timor-Leste meet their development goals and strengthen community building in the region. This particular course will be an entirely virtual one, as have all of the course undertaken over the past year, and the attendees will be a range of government officials from the ASEAN Economic Community member states, along with officials from Timor Leste and a number of Pacific region nations. GT's Ian Ballon, co-chair of the firm's Global Intellectual Property & Technology Practice, will be a panelist during the session, “Challenges for the Legal System in a Digital Economy,” on Friday, September 10, from 10:00 pm-11:30 pm EST.