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Linking, Embedding, Licensing: Adventures in Online Content

GT is hosting The Southeast Chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA's "Linking, Embedding, Licensing: Adventures in Online Content" event on February 26. The widespread and common practice of embedding photos and other content from social media online—previously considered by many to be a non-infringing act—was put into question last year by a New York court’s holding that embedding can be copyright infringement.  How has this ruling affected the legal landscape for use of photos and other works online, and how have companies’ online and social media policies and practices changed in response? What other issues surrounding the use of online content keep online writers and media and legal professionals up at night? This program will explore these issues and others addressing the application of copyright law in an online world. Speakers include Drew Shenkman, Senior Counsel with Cable News Network; Liz Wheeler, Senior Counsel at UP Entertainment, LLC; and James Trigg, a trademark, copyright and entertainment attorney. GT is also a sponsor of this event.