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State Attorneys General Practice

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State Attorneys General (State AGs) across the United States continue to adopt increasingly aggressive enforcement strategies. Companies and individuals confronting regulatory and litigation challenges from State AGs must confront a spectrum of reputational, business, and legal considerations. Greenberg Traurig’s State Attorneys General Practice has deep experience handling complex and multi-faceted representations related to the broad powers of State AGs offices.

Our practice is composed of more than 20 team members who have served in offices of Assistant Attorney Generals, including eight former Assistant Attorney Generals, from key offices around the country and more than two dozen Greenberg attorneys who regularly practice in front of State AGs offices, many of whom have also handled cases involving multi-state AG investigations. The group includes former counsels, solicitors general, and chiefs of the major criminal and civil enforcement divisions within key AG offices around the country. The credibility our lawyers bring to each representation before the AG office, along with the intimate knowledge of the workings of each AG office and the manner in which investigations are handled is unique.

In addition to the deep-seated experience the attorneys’ hold, what truly separates Greenberg Traurig’s State Attorneys General Practice is that its cases are done in conjunction with and through leveraging the skills of GT’s nationally recognized Government Law and Policy, White Collar Defense & Investigations, and American Indian Law practice groups. As there are increasingly more multistate collaborations among State AG offices and with federal enforcement agencies including: the Department of Justice (DOJ), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), our breadth of knowledge and multidisciplinary resources allow us address a diverse range of matters. Together, our deep understanding of the interworking’s of the AGs’ offices and mix of political and legal considerations, built upon years of working closely with those offices allows the team to assist clients in navigating the regulatory environment in which the AGs operate. It also aids the team’s understanding of the political currents affecting the AGs and their staffs.

Greenberg Traurig's goal is to prevent clients from becoming a target of an AG investigation. However, there are times when clients become the subject of an investigation or legal action. When that happens, our team is prepared to defend all types of civil and criminal enforcement investigations and actions.