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Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s Annual Environmental Law Forum 2024

Greenberg Traurig is proud to be a sponsor and a member of the planning team for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s Annual Environmental Law Forum.  As a gathering ground for attorneys in private practice and public service, engineers, consultants, professors, and scientists, this event facilitates learning, networking, exchanging, and debating current policy, climate and technical issues, litigation trends, and development and infrastructure. 

GT attorneys and leadership will lead a host of sessions at this annual two-day CLE and networking gathering of the Pennsylvania Bar's Environmental Section

    • David Mandelbaum will co-lead the Wednesday late session, “Planners’ Roundtable: Climate Conscious Lawyering Revisited” (Ethics and Environmental Policy) - In last year’s Keynote address, Prof. John Dernbach challenged all of us to consider the extent to which climate change affects ordinary legal practice. Let’s do that. What is a lawyer (in private practice, government, or an NGO) professionally required to do or permitted to do in advising clients, advocating on their behalf, or managing his or her office?
    • Matthew N. Beekhuizen, GT's Chief Pricing and Innovation Officer will co-present late Wednesday, "Assessing the Practical and Legal Aspects of Generative Artificial Intelligence" (Ethics, Technical) - Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in particular Generative AI is rapidly evolving and has gained a lot of momentum in recent months. From generating fun poems and graphics to drafting briefs and predicting legal outcomes, the spectrum of possibilities and functionality is broad, but so are the risks. This session will discuss the emergence of generative AI, explore various generative AI tools, and discuss the legal aspects and considerations of generative AI, including privacy, security, current laws, regulations, executive orders, and court opinions.   
    • Caleb Holmes will co-present the Thursday morning session, "Site Remediation / Act 2" (Updates) - This panel will summarize the year’s regulatory and case law developments in CERCLA, Pennsylvania’s Hazardous Site Cleanup Act, and the Department’s Act 2, Superfund and Storage Tanks programs. Topics will include noteworthy case law, important pending cases, and significant program developments important to the regulated community under the Commonwealth’s Land Recycling Program. 
    • Kaitlyn Maxwell will co-present a late Thursday morning session, "ESG: What Is It and How Important Is It?" (Climate & Sustainability)  - This panel will discuss evolving ESG issues including stakeholder demands, program development, and reporting obligations and whether ESG will play a significant role in corporate philosophy, structure, and how businesses are operated in the future. Additionally, the panel will review recent trends in ESG litigation and identify risk mitigation strategies.

    Please also join your colleagues at the PBA EEL Section Reception followed by the PBA EEL Section Annual Dinner which celebrates the recipient of the Environmental Achievement Award while at the Forum.