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Impact. Opportunity. Culture. Growth.
Law Students

With our broad geographic and practice platform, law students will find wide-ranging professional opportunities as they start their legal careers at Greenberg Traurig. We use creativity to educate – and ultimately empower – our new attorneys. In addition to our mentoring programs, we provide our new associates with high-level training in client management, business development, collaboration, and cultural skills. Our success hinges on our ability to develop a class of lawyers who can adapt to our clients’ emerging needs, and through entrepreneurship and rewarding initiative we provide our incoming attorneys with the resources necessary to meet that goal.


Our global platform provides our experienced attorneys with unique professional opportunities as they grow their legal careers. Greenberg Traurig values and promotes diversity and empowers attorneys at all levels to shape their own paths to success. With sound financial management and a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration, our attorneys are positioned to deliver both the quality and value that our clients seek, today and in the future.

Professional Staff

We offer a supportive, stimulating environment that encourages the qualities we value most: collaboration, professionalism, diversity and trust. We believe in promoting both professional and personal growth, along with pride of ownership, for every Greenberg Traurig employee.

*Images on this page are not GT employees.