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Diversity Drives GT

From the start, we have believed that diverse viewpoints DRIVE innovation and produce smarter ideas for our clients. Diversity is more than a core value: DIVERSITY IS IN OUR DNA. In 1967, our founders, faced with religious discrimination, established a new kind of law firm where everyone was welcomed.

Greenberg Traurig did not stop there. We went on to break barriers, impact change, and become a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the legal profession.

With current events bringing systemic racism and inequity to the forefront of social consciousness, GT recognizes this shift as an opportunity to accelerate our efforts to actualize meaningful change.

Our DE&I roadmap is comprehensive, strategic, and proactive. We continuously strive to reach short-term actionable goals that drive long-term change. We know more needs to happen...

GT never rests on its laurels but turns words into actions and ideas into solutions. Ever agile and able to adapt to a changing world, our DE&I commitment remains constant. We harness this commitment as a competitive advantage, forging a new and better way forward for ourselves, our clients, the profession, and the world.

GT is reimagining what a Biglaw firm can be. Because a more just world happens only by design.

Diversity Stats

GT is Diverse by Design.

We have put substantive measures in place by intention to ensure that DE&I drive GT at both the organizational and individual level.

Diversity Infographic

Committed and diverse firm leadership establish effective programs and resources:

  • Focus on awareness and training
  • Incentivize individual participation with collaboration, billable hours
  • Committed individuals contribute ideas, time, and talent
  • Actualize meaningful change
  • Achieve measurable results and recognition


GT’s value on excellence and its commitment to diversity result in access to the greatest pool of top talent. GT strives to empower every associate who joins the firm to reach their highest potential; to become a shareholder and beyond.

  • Global training, mentoring, and sponsorship to develop the next generation of team members and foster diversity in the profession generally
  • Associate Development Program
  • GT Diverse Law Student Recruiting Pilot Initiative
  • High School and Pre-Law Outreach


  • Commitment of $5 million over five years to combat systemic racism and support impoverished communities
  • Instituted billable hours for diversity and inclusion as well as community and civic activities

Social Justice Academy

  • Created the Social Justice Action Academy including:
    • Equality Toolkit to help advance awareness, knowledge, and empathy
    • Courageous Conversations Online Forums on Race and Social Justice Topics
  • Joined in creating the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance
  • Partner to the Alliance Asian American Justice
  • Created the GTDRIVES: Dynamic Dialogues Podcast 

GTDRIVES Podcast Banner


The firm supports the inclusion and advancement of women attorneys at GT and in the legal profession. Programs focus on attracting and retaining talented women attorneys and supporting business development. They include:

  • Leadership Training and Opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Annual GT Women’s Business Forum


Our core values dictate that everyone should be able to openly be his/her/their authentic self.

  • Global Sponsor of Out Leadership; Board Member
  • GT sponsors a variety of programs and like-minded organizations
  • GT commemorates dates important to the community, including: Pride Month; LGBT History Month; International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia; Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • GT assists the community with pro bono legal representation


GT’s affinity groups are forums for professional and business development, resources for recruitment and retention, and social exchanges. Allies are strongly encouraged to participate.

The firm has a full range of affinity groups, including:


Furthering our authentic and inclusive work environment takes everyone at the firm. GT has programs to address business staff’s needs and contributions to our efforts.

  • GT DRIVES Listening Tour for Business Staff to learn about their needs, perceptions, and suggestions around DE&I programming at the firm
  • Local Office DE&I Committees
  • DE&I Liaisons enhance engagement in each office


As a law firm, GT has a social and moral responsibility to help the underserved communities that justice overwhelmingly eludes. Some examples include:

  • Fighting Social Injustice for Women
    • Seeking freedom from domestic violence, human trafficking
  • Remedying instances of Great Racial Injustice
    • Criminal appeals for those- including wrongfully incarcerated, over-sentenced, convicted to life without parole as minors, death row cases
    • Legal support and advocacy for victims of hate crime
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Community
    • Adoption rights; transgender name changes
  • Highlighting Pro Bono Opportunities


To broaden the reach of personal and firm DE&I participation, GT attorneys write articles, are sources for media, produce podcasts, and participate in other public forums to share relevant issues that need to be further addressed by society as well as personal challenges and triumphs. We also provide periodic reports of GT’s activities and progress. 


We know that by combining our shared values, resources, and efforts, we have an even greater power to accelerate change and close gaps for a more equitable world. Pledges include:


GT regularly collaborates with clients combining our shared values, resources, and efforts to maximize our ability to create a more diverse and fair society.

We help clients develop programs as well as participate in existing client initiatives.

  • Partnering with a global investment bank client to create a mentoring and sponsorship program for diverse attorneys with a focus on professional development and leadership training
  • Collaborating with a multinational convenience restaurant client to co-sponsor a diverse law student through The Diversity Lab’s 1L Diversity Pipeline Collective Summer Program
  • Partnering with a client in the telecommunications sector on a pipeline initiative focused on preparing diverse law students for interviews and internships
  • Collaborating with a multinational investment bank and financial services company to create a joint DE&I leadership program


GT is committed to engaging with businesses in the communities in which we live and work who share our values of achieving a more inclusive and equitable world.

  • We offer certified minorities, women, and LGBTQ+, among others, the opportunity to compete in our sourcing and procurement process.

Mansfield Certified

GT’s unwavering dedication to putting diversity, equity, and inclusion into action has led to us being honored with Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification Plus, which is the highest certification a law firm can obtain by The Diversity Lab. In July 2020, we gained our Mansfield Rule 3.0 Certification. A year later, we achieved Mansfield 4.0 Certification Plus, meaning we went beyond the requirements of the original Mansfield program and hired, promoted, and engaged that level of diverse legal talent in our efforts and client teams. To become Mansfield Rule 5.0 Plus Certified, we went beyond the requirements of both the 4.0 and 5.0 Certifications. In August 2022, GT achieved Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification Plus. This indicates that we went beyond merely considering, at minimum, 30% women, attorneys of color, LGBTQ+ lawyers, and those with disabilities for leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, and formal client pitch opportunities—we took it to the next level. Over the course of the certification period (July 2021—July 2022) GT actually hired, promoted, and engaged that level of diverse legal talent in our efforts and client teams.

In addition to the above, to meet the program’s extended requirements, we:

  • Tracked candidate pools in a disaggregated manner, prompting measurement of the impact of the Mansfield Rule by each underrepresented group. We also included an option for Middle Eastern/North African identity, a demographic often overlooked by current self-identification options;
  • Considered at least 30% underrepresented lawyers for nominations to the Chambers USA guide to increase the external visibility of underrepresented lawyers with clients and in the marketplace more broadly;
  • Considered 30% underrepresented individuals when hiring and promoting C-level or other senior-level professional staff roles; and
  • Certified the transparency of partner compensation criteria and processes making this available to all lawyers in the firm.

We are committed to achieving and exceeding the Mansfield Rule Certification standards in each year to come.