Career Development

Our development programs are directed at helping associates at each step in their career. The programs are designed to support and empower associates so they thrive in their work, in their client relationships and as part of our community. The programs nurture two dimensions of associate development: (1) growth and advancement around a set of core competencies; and (2) the cultural freedom to leverage their unique talents.

Hoffman Professionalism Center

Named for Larry Hoffman, one of GT's founding partners and its Chairman since 1997, the Hoffman Professionalism Center is the hub of the firm's professional development training. Using live and multi-media platforms, the Center offers scheduled and on-demand legal, business and client-related programs to support and guide associates in both their day-to-day and aspirational career development.

National Associate Review and Achievement Season

The firm formally reviews our associates once per year during the National Associate Review and Achievement Season. This two-way review is based on associate performance in the firm's core competencies as well as their individual achievements. Equal time is devoted to associates' career aspirations, consistent with GT's strong self-empowerment culture. 

Associate Mentorship

All associates at Greenberg Traurig receive the guidance, support and in-depth business development training they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive legal market. Our mentorship program is mutually beneficial to both our associates and the senior attorneys who guide them, helping to build relationships within the firm and ultimately strong industry leaders. In addition, we encourage attorneys to develop informal mentoring relationships across practice areas, as relationships of all kinds are the foundation of a successful career at GT.