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Please join us for breakfast and a panel discussion.

Show Me the Money: Lessons Learned

This program will include venture capitalists, investors, c-suite executives and legal professionals who will discuss a variety of relevant topics, including what to focus on when making investments, practical advice from individuals who have successfully raised funds or exited and the importance of intellectual property when building a company in Israel.

RSVP by Thursday, February 6 as space is limited.

Topics to be Discussed:
- What Are We Looking For: Tips from Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers - Discover what VCs and investors are seeking when making investments and how to position your company for financing.

- It Wasn’t Easy But We Did It: Hear From Those Who Have Successfully Raised Money or Exited - Learn from CEOs and key individuals from companies who have successfully raised funds or completed an exit.

- The Importance of Intellectual Property: Determining if the Investment Is Worth It - Understand the importance of intellectual property to investors and to building your company.