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WWLI Webinar| From Overwhelmed to Empowered: Building Resilience in Times of Transition

In these times full of stress and anxiety, what can we do to center ourselves, reset our mindset, and foster healthy social connection amid physical distancing? What can we do to support our people, take care of ourselves and more effectively navigate this time of transition? In this session, we'll explore the four needs of followers and how you as a leader can address them. We'll discover actionable strategies to rewire our brains, so we can respond more confidently to the current crisis and identify specific action steps we can take to boost our resilience and that of our people. Join WWLI for this interactive, live, virtual experience led by dynamic wellbeing expert, Rachel Druckenmiller, to learn best practices for how you can build resilience in the midst of the current situation.

You'll have the opportunity to network virtually with your peers during the second part of this session. You won't want to miss this experience!