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Webinar: Digital Human Resources California Forum

San Francisco Shareholder Charles Birenbaum will be the keynote speaker for the Argyle Digital Human Resources California Forum on September 24, 2020. The program will bring together senior HR leaders, analysts, employment law experts and technology pros to share insights on emerging processes and tools, along with best practices for training, recruiting and retention, including:

  • Applying CA law to employment practices (legislative updates, recent case law implications, and best practices for establishing risk-adverse practices)
  • Workforce management in a post-Covid world (leave laws, accrued vacation, safety precautions, antibody testing, compensation claims, and more)
  • Fostering a healthy, inclusive, and equitable work culture (diversity, inclusivity, antibias)
  • Engagement, productivity, and innovation (tips, tools and tech to make communication work in the new normal)
  • People technology (how organizations are using automation, data analysis and more to stay ahead of the recruiting, hiring and retention curve)
  • Data deep dive (how to get the most bang from existing data and where to find it)