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Trade Disputes, Steel, Sweaters and Wine: Repairing the US-EU Relationship under the Biden Administration

With the January 2021 inauguration now behind us, how the Biden Administration addresses the major trade issues which have been a focus of the Trump Administration will impact European companies manufacturing globally and importing into the U.S. This webinar will discuss the Biden Administration’s intention to repair the US-EU relationship and to work with the EU on China’s unfair trade and forced labor practices. Our speakers will also address several substantive issues including the long running Airbus-Boeing dispute and additional tariffs on products enacted by both sides of the Atlantic, the Digital Services Tax and the impact of using tariffs as a negotiating tool.

Topics for discussion
  • With Biden as President – what will change?
  • How will the Biden Administration engage with the EU and the UK?
  • What’s next for the Boeing/Airbus dispute?
  • What have been the effects of this dispute on certain industries such as steel, wine or sweaters in the US?
  • How are the US relations with China impacting the US-EU trade relations? Can the EU and US work together vs the Chinese steel industry?
  • The on-going Digital Services Tax agenda is a global digital economy issue. How is it being addressed in the EU and the US?
  • How is Brexit impacting the US-EU trade conversations and what is the status of a UK-US trade agreement?
  • What is the status of the discussion on forced labor practices on both sides of the Atlantic and what could be their role in shaping US-EU trade negotiations and the discussions with China?
  • Tomas Baert, Head of Section – Trade & Agriculture – Delegation of the European Union to the United States
  • Ryan Evans, Senior Trade Policy Adviser – Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Atlanta
  • Laura Siegel Rabinowitz, Shareholder – Greenberg Traurig [Moderator]
  • Hubert Surville, CEO & Founder – Surville Enterprises Corp.