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Traditional Labor Webinar: What's Ahead for the NLRB

Join us for Part I of a two-part webinar series focusing on likely changes to federal labor policy under the Biden Administration. Republican-appointees’ control of the National Labor Relations Board until Fall 2021 does not foreclose the possibility of increased union organizing and other changes in the very near-term. Part I will include a high-level discussion of how President Biden’s appointees to date, coupled with the pandemic’s lingering impacts, may fuel changes to the employer, employee, and union dynamic in unionized and nonunionized environments alike.

Key topics will include:
  • The NLRB’s current composition and turmoil at the General Counsel position
  • How President Biden’s appointees are likely to impact Administration policy, federal rulemaking, and legislative initiatives
  • The likelihood of increased union-driven organizing activity, employee-driven efforts to change employer policy, and neutrality agreements
  • How workplace safety concerns brought on by the pandemic may drive increased union activity and NLRB enforcement in a post-pandemic world