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Franchise and Distribution Law for Paralegals

Colin Krull will be presenting the Lorman live webinar, "Franchise and Distribution Law for Paralegals."

Program Overview

Obtain an understanding of franchise and distribution law under federal and state regulations.

A franchise business model has many components and given the state and federal enforcement rights for noncompliance, it is imperative for businesses to understand the legal components of a franchise and to comply with the unique obligations under applicable law if their business meets the franchise definition. This topic will help you understand when a franchise relationship has been established and when compliance with state and federal law is required. This material will also cover the pre-sale disclosure obligations, the various types of franchise relationships, provide an overview of the laws that apply to the parties ongoing relationship, and detail the potential consequences of failing to comply with applicable law. This information is important to understand the complexities of complying with the various laws that apply to different types of franchise relationships.