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Mercedes-Benz AG Client Strategies

Global Coordination

GT’s experience, track record, global platform and culture of collaboration make us an ideal first-tier preferred provider to national and global companies. We deliver our services with the dedication and responsiveness of a boutique with the breadth, depth, resources and operating efficiencies of one of the largest law firms in the United States. Through a single point of contact, we can provide outstanding legal services across numerous service areas with broad geographic coverage. Germany-based Rob Whitener will act as a link between Germany and the U.S. and over see discovery.

GT works closely with the client to develop a case strategy that considers all of the legal issues implicated by the various pending and potential matters in various jurisdictions, the effect of the litigations on the client’s business, the client’s legal and business needs, and the ultimate result the client would like to achieve. Especially with large and multidistrict litigations, GT and its attorneys are sensitive to issues of cost, including electronic discovery on a large scale, and partner with the client to make sure all work is being performed efficiently and cost effectively.

GT’s entrepreneurial and collaborative culture encourages cooperative efforts among the attorneys in our various offices. This team approach is often carried over to, and frequently implemented with, attorneys from other firms, particularly in litigation involving complex matters. We have considerable experience in collaborative and partnering efforts – working with counsel from numerous other law firms in a co-counseling, “virtual defense team” environment. Moreover, GT has the systems and other technologies necessary to create a seamless and efficient platform to support these virtual defense teams, enabling the team to address almost any issue facing a client in effectively any part of the United States or, for that matter, the world.

As part of this collaborative effort, GT has created and maintains several resources, available to each of the firms engaged in the litigation, that provide, among other things, background and factual information, company-specific resources, legal research, templates for numerous pleadings, expert and scientific literature databases, and key documents relevant to the litigation. One of the tools used for these purposes is an “eRoom,” which is a secure, web-based repository and filing system that, with appropriate security clearance, can be accessed almost instantaneously by attorneys and other team personnel anywhere in the world. This resource provides great efficiencies to the client because it allows the virtual sharing of this information, including client-approved pleadings and legal research, without the need for reinventing the wheel each time a common issue arises or a non-exceptional filing must be made.

GT’s virtual teams have been highly efficient and effecting in guiding clients and preparing them strategically for pre-MDL tactics in multidistrict litigation. For example, in the medical device litigation, GT developed and implemented the pre-MDL strategy of drafting and filing simultaneous Motions to Dismiss, Motions to Stay and Motions for Summary Judgment (on the grounds of federal preemption) in 40 different actions in a myriad of jurisdictions throughout the United States. This massive, coordinated effort was accomplished in less than 30 days and was achieved by leveraging GT’s sophisticated technologies and other resources, like the eRoom, and the talents and expertise of the virtual team members – consisting of numerous other GT attorneys and attorneys from other firms across the country. Similarly, in the In re Vitamin C Antitrust Litigation, GT created a highly successful pre-MDL strategy regarding sequence of removal of a number of cases around the country, as well as briefing for complicated issues of federal jurisdiction. Ultimately, the strategy and posture taken in this case resulted in a large number of claims being withdrawn by the plaintiffs against GT’s client.

In addition, GT has developed and conducted meetings or seminars for all of the outside counsel involved in a particular piece of litigation. Topics covered at these meetings include: factual background, the client’s story and themes, key witnesses, key documents, legal strategies and a host of other relevant issues. Such events provide these attorneys with an opportunity to learn about the client and the litigation in a relatively condensed and efficient manner. They also provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and strategies based on the collective wisdom of the attorneys gathered. GT has also coordinated and participated in mock hearings and mock trials utilizing our firm members who are retired judges.

Client Strategies