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GT Legal Food Talk Episode 11: Equine Industry Spotlight: Getting Back on the Horse with Hillary Dobbs

In the first episode of the Equine Industry miniseries, special guest host Mike Nicodema interviews Hillary Dobbs, the youngest rider to win over $1 million at the Grand Prix and currently the assistant vice-president of Malvern Bank Equestrian Division and they address the world of competitive horse riding. Dobbs discusses her riding career, from junior competition all the way through coaching as well as getting back on the horse after injury. They also address issues with financing aspects of equine sports and how important it is to have a lawyer on board who understands the riding industry.

The Legal Food Talk Podcast Equine Industry Miniseries aims to showcase this industry niche in a multifaceted practice of law that has its own language, customs, and norms. Guests “speak the language” of the equine world, have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and discuss hot button issues in a wide range of equine-related matters.