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Political Law & Compliance

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Greenberg Traurig’s Political Law & Compliance team comprises attorneys and compliance professionals with decades of experience working with public officials, candidates, committees, political parties, and business entities with respect to election law, campaign finance, and related compliance matters at the federal, state, and local levels.

Greenberg Traurig team members represent candidates for office at all levels of government, political action committees (PACs), and both major parties. Our attorneys frequently counsel corporate clients on navigating the strict, sensitive rules governing lobbying and political giving, and we regularly guide tax-exempt 527 groups and both corporate and not-for-profit entities through the intricate and highly regulated world of election law. With many of our team members previously holding positions within government, we are intimately familiar with the laws governing elections and campaigns, and regularly advise clients on compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA). Additionally, the GT team’s broad trial experience affords our political law and compliance clients a unique and invaluable combination of skills. With the election process under historic levels of scrutiny and public attention, it has never been more important for entities to seek skilled and experienced guidance in complying with the complex system of ballot access and campaign finance laws and regulations.

In addition, the Greenberg Traurig team is well-versed on federal and state ethics rules governing elected officials, and lobbying-disclosure laws at the federal and state levels, including the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) and the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). These lobbying and compliance laws are also under intense scrutiny from the public and the press, so it is paramount that individuals, corporations, consulting firms, and not-for-profit entities fully understand the rules before engaging in lobbying and advocacy work at the federal, state, or local level.


  • Guidance to Candidates, Political Parties, Super PACS, Non-Connected Committees, and Corporations on Separate Segregated Funds/Employee PACS, including ballot access; petition process and challenges; litigation; campaign finance and election laws; establishing campaign committees and committee-management services, issues before the Federal Election Committee (FEC), state attorneys general, and local election agencies; Internal Revenue (IRS) regulations and reporting and other potential tax implications; and post-election issues.


  • Guidance on LDA and State Lobbying, Gift Rules and Ethics Requirements, and FARA, including lobbying disclosure rules; drafting and filing LDA registration and state and local lobbying reports; employee education, including training presentations and guidance documents on LDA and state and local laws; gift and travel rule compliance for officials at all levels; Honest Leadership and Open Government Act (HLOGA) and ethical issues that arise when interacting with government officials; development of best corporate practices; event planning where government officials may be present to avoid gift rule violations; FARA registration; draft DOJ reports; obtain advisory opinions from DOJ’s FARA Registration Unit; and represent alleged violators before DOJ and in judicial proceedings.