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Fraud Enforcement Trends in the Health Care Industry

Greenberg Traurig Shareholders Carolyn McNiven and Jessica Natali will co-present this webinar focused on the legal developments in enforcement in the health sector over the past 12 months. Not only are federal and state law enforcement and regulatory authorities actively focusing on individuals and companies operating in the health care sector, they are increasingly relying on aggressive legal theories in their cases. From diverging interpretations of the Escobar materiality holding to novel application of the Travel Act, it is hard for practitioners to keep up in this fast-paced legal and enforcement environment.

This topic, which is being led by two veteran health care enforcement defense attorneys, will summarize the most important developments in health care enforcement, both criminal and civil, over the past year and provide predictions for the future. Topics covered include hot cases brought by federal authorities, new federal charging theories and trends including EMR certification and managed care plan cases, health care investor/VC liability, trends in state attorney general enforcement, post-Escobar discovery and materiality rulings in federal court, the latest word in cooperation credit, the impact of the Granston Memo, and strategizing in a parallel investigation in light of the evolving enforcement landscape.