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BASF Interviewing Tips from Underrepresented & First Generation Attorneys

San Francisco shareholders Philip Person and Alice Kessler will be joining the panel, "Interviewing Tips from Underrepresented & First Generation Attorneys" hosted by The Bar Association of San Francisco on July 7, 2022. San Francisco associate Anthony Guzman will be chairing the program. The panel will provide general advice regarding law firms' remote, on-site, and call-back interview process, aided by the lens and experiences of underrepresented and first-generation attorneys. In doing so, the program seeks to address, not only general preparation strategies, but also helpful insight into navigating the specific hurdles and pitfalls encountered by these communities. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Interviewing in the Age of COVID-19
  • How to Prepare for a legal interview (i.e., research, resume, and interview strategies)
  • What Law Firms are Looking For in Candidates
  • Common Pitfalls / Shared Experiences/ Lessons Learned