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ABA Cannabis Law Regional CLE Program

GT Chicago hosted the ABA Cannabis Law Regional CLE Program. The program provided an overview of the development and history of cannabis law and policy in the United States, addressing key legal and policy issues now confronting lawyers, lawmakers, and judges working in this emerging field. Panelists helped attendees understand the differences between cannabis and hemp, THC and CBD, and the broader implications of the varying approaches states and the federal government have taken to control the use and supply of marijuana and related substances, including industrial hemp and CBD. Speakers addressed the complicated, inherent conflict amongst, within, and between the states and the federal government concerning the control of marijuana and other cannabis-related products and derivatives. The program also discussed the ethical considerations facing lawyers in the cannabis industry. Howard Jeruchimowitz served as a Program Organizer.

Tiffany Fordyce was a panelist on a session titled, “Cannabis Employment Trends”. The session discussed the challenges employers face while navigating federal and state laws and policies.

Julie Emfinger moderated the session, “Cannabiz – Business & Real Estate”. The session discussed additional barriers to entry and special considerations for cannabis-related businesses, including the legality of investing in the cannabis industry and how the SEC regulates publicly traded companies.

Paul Stibbe moderated a session titled, “Cannabis Litigation Trends”. The panelists discussed the litigation trends they are seeing and what they anticipate encountering next.

Laura Luisi was a panelist on a session titled, “Cannabis Legislative History and Current Trends”. The session discussed the main distinctions between marijuana and hemp and why they are treated differently. Panelists also explored the concerns of the FDA and its involvement with regulation and development and discuss the law in Illinois and state licensing in general.