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The SEC’s Classification of Crypto Assets as Securities and Upcoming Regulatory Frameworks. Risks Presented and Implications for the Actors and Future of the Token Economy.

The SEC’s stance on classification of certain crypto tokens (including proof-of-stake tokens such as Ethereum) as securities instead of commodities is at the forefront of crypto businesses and investors’ current concerns. For the first episode of our webinar series, two of the US’ leading specialists in digital assets and crypto regulation, Barbara Jones and Will Mack, will provide much needed clarity on:

1. The legal test and key factors relevant to the classification of tokens as securities instead of commodities.
2. The differences between the regulatory frameworks and oversight applicable to securities and commodities.
3. The implications and risks of each regime for businesses, investors and other actors of the blockchain ecosystem.

The webinar will also include a Q&A and an interactive discussion with Samed Bouaynaya, Head of Altana Wealth’s Digital Assets Fund, regarding commercial considerations and practical solutions for concerned investors and businesses operating in the blockchain market.