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The Future of U.S.-China Relationship in Business, Sciences, and Technology

SLC Shareholder, John Huber, will be a panelist on Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah's panel, The Future of U.S.-China Relationship in Business, Sciences and Technology. 

Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah (CAST-UT) found in 1996 is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving local Chinese scientists, scholars, and businesspeople in Utah. CAST-UT is one of the biggest Chinese community groups and the biggest Chinese association for science and technology in Utah. Each year, they host multiple events such as science & technology, entrepreneurship, culture & education, trade and business. CAST-UT is delighted to announce the 2022 Annual Conference will be open on Dec 10, 2022, from 2:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Guest House of the University of Utah. The annual conference is the platform for the gathering of members to discuss essential topics including scientific advancement, technological development, entrepreneurship, and the growth of our community in the state of Utah. The topic of our 2022 annual conference is “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. CAST-Ut has invited Prof. Valerial Molinero, the NAS member, AAAS member, and distinguished professor at the University of Utah to present “Ice Binding Proteins: from Ice Nucleation to Antifreeze”. CAST-Ut will also host the following panels with notable speakers and guests: "the Future of the US-China Relationship in Business, Science, and Technology"; "Resources for Small Businesses and Startups"; and "Research Presentations by Young Scholars & Students".