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Trade Secrets IP Protection & Management USA, In-House Industry Panel: How to Keep your ‘Secret Sauce’ Secret and Mitigate Misappropriation Risks

Marc Rasich will speak as a panelist at Trade Secrets IP Protection & Management USA on March 15th, 2023. He joins an exclusive panel that will deal with a cross-industry analysis of the optimum methods of maintaining your trade secret.

Topics include: 

• Strategic level consideration on how to enhance trade secret protection.
• Determine an inventory of trade secrets IP assets:
    o Cross industry best practices
    o Discover the advantages and disadvantages of cataloguing your trade secrets.
• Understand cross industry interpretation of: “What is a trade secret?”
• How to mitigate risks of trade secrets litigation:
    o Optimum methods of training and policies for innovative companies.
    o How to reduce the risks of misappropriation
• Learn the key challenges in maintaining your companies trade secrets using day to day practices.
• Crisis Management: Implementing reasonable measures under the circumstances to prevent trade secret misappropriation