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Career Development

The Hoffman Center for Professional Development

Named for Larry Hoffman, one of GT's founding partners and its chairman since 1997, the Hoffman Center for Professional Development (the Center) is the hub of the firm's professional development training. Using live and multimedia platforms, the Center offers scheduled and on-demand legal, business, and client-related programs to support and guide associates in both their day-to-day and aspirational career development. The Center strives to offer a beneficial and rewarding professional experience for every attorney and professional staff through comprehensive training, mentoring, and career guidance.

"I believe that professional development is so important to our firm... It is the single most important factor that can distinguish our firm within our profession and in our society."

—Larry Hoffman​ 

Career Development – Professional Staff

At Greenberg Traurig, we are poised for change and meet the evolving needs of our business environment and staff. We strive to find new opportunities to encourage growth and provide our professional staff with learning and development resources. Role-based New Hire Learning Plans are provided to all new employees with the recommended learning resources to ease the transition into their role at GT.

We support and provide ongoing development opportunities to help all professional staff improve and grow into more skilled professionals. Our robust e-Learning portal supports and encourages growth opportunities and while providing employees with relevant learning and development resources. All business staff complete 12 hours of Learning Expectations on an annual basis, which reinforces GT’s dedication to the culture of enhanced learning.

Topic offerings include Business & Personal Skills, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Legal Skills, Technology, and Wellness. Some specific programs include series on Thriving in Uncertain Times, Courageous Conversations, and Innovative Strategies.

Career Development – Paralegal

Paralegals have an important role at the firm in meeting our goals. We recruit Paralegal talent at many levels and offer significant opportunities for career development and advancement. We provide targeted training to give our paralegals the tools they need to grow professionally.

When paralegals join the firm, they are supported in their career development by participating in a bespoke program called the Legal Education for the Advancement of Paralegals (L.E.A.P). The L.E.A.P. program was instituted in 2020 in a future firm action initiative and has moved Greenberg Traurig towards a more cohesive paralegal team while creating a synergy that enables our paralegals to work efficiently across offices and practices.

The L.E.A.P. program focuses on three distinct areas:

  • Best-in-Class Program and Core Curriculum. A curriculum of technical and professional development programs assigned to all paralegals that include live events like the “Art of Effective Paralegal Writing.”
  • L.E.A.P Lead. A select number of “Experienced Paralegals” receive leadership skills and resources to support other paralegals. Experienced Paralegals commit to a plan that empowers them as a leader serving their fellow paralegals. Our L.E.A.P. Leads host roundtables for their fellow paralegals on topics such as, Bluebooks and the Apostilles Hague Convention. 
  • Practice Specific Legal Education. Practice specific legal education using both internally developed and external training materials.