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Blockchain & Digital Assets

Blockchain & Digital Assets

Greenberg Traurig's global Blockchain & Digital Assets Group comprises more than 80 attorneys across multiple legal disciplines in key financial hubs around the world, providing a centralized approach to blockchain and digital asset matters. We leverage our diverse experience to advise clients on matters ranging from token structuring, fund formation, investment strategies, financial regulation and registration, international tax planning and structuring, stable coins and asset-backed digital assets, tokenized property interests, infrastructure applications, technology licensing and development, securities compliance, cryptocurrency exchanges and trading, and blockchain-as-a-service.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables our team to readily anticipate, recognize, and address the legal challenges that our clients may face with respect to blockchain and digital asset development or utilization. Our dedicated response team consists of experienced attorneys with diverse backgrounds in securities, commodities and broker-dealer regulations, entity and fund formation, financing, exchange formation, federal and state financial services regulation, technology and intellectual property licensing, privacy concerns, cybersecurity issues, and taxation. We also utilize resources from our robust Government, Law & Policy Practice, which regularly advises governments and municipalities on evolving or model regulatory standards and other pertinent matters relating to blockchain and digital assets.

Advising on Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology Implementations

As blockchain applications and smart contracts introduce automation to entirely new functions, our attorneys advise clients on appropriate standards and protocols for the deployment of blockchain applications and smart contract coding to ensure that clients can meet the demands of regulators, law enforcement, and any trier of fact or law. As blockchain technology continues to grow and evolve, so do uncertainties about obligations surrounding the potential scope of and protocols for (i) regulator and auditor access to blockchain and smart contracts data, (ii) the reporting, authentication, and certification of controls, and (iii) retention, production, and authentication of records relating to disputes. We are actively engaged in assessing and considering emerging data privacy and security obligations relating to client data and end user data on the blockchain, and in assisting client legal and regulatory preparations and negotiations relating to these matters.

Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

As cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have gained market acceptance in recent years as a fundraising vehicle for our clients or a critical part of a blockchain platform, our team carefully evaluates each opportunity in terms of the business and financing requirements of the client, as well as the emergent risks and costs associated with securities and other regulatory compliance obligations, market volatility, and other factors. The market for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets is in constant evolution; our team is committed to assisting clients with maximizing their opportunities in any environment and helping to develop legally-compliant structures. Our team stays abreast of existing laws, recent enforcement action and decisions, rulings, and orders, and keeps track of legal trends, upcoming legislation, and technical developments, helping clients to anticipate and prepare for potential compliance requirements and legal and regulatory changes.