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False Claims Act &
Qui Tam Defense

Greenberg Traurig’s False Claims Act & Qui Tam Defense Team rigorously defends institutions and individuals in False Claims Act matters from investigations to trials. Our attorneys have seen the sharp increase in False Claims Act filings over the past decade and the serious legal threat it poses for corporations and institutions across diverse industries. Whistleblowers and the U.S. government have increasingly used the False Claims Act to recover billions of dollars in recent years with states attorneys general also ramping up their own qui tam and false claims initiatives, with no signs of slowing down.

Our deeply experienced False Claims Act & Qui Tam Defense team has defended False Claims Act cases in industries across the board including financial services, health care, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, government contractors (including the defense industry), and others. Led by former civil and criminal prosecutors and government attorneys with vast federal experience, the team also collaborates with skilled attorneys across the firm who have industry-specific knowledge to provide a strategic and powerful defense for individual and institutional clients that may be fighting for their very lives.

With this intimate knowledge and wide-ranging experience, we also represent companies in the numerous other legal actions that may accompany a significant FCA case. We handle follow-on government investigations, regulatory reviews, congressional investigations, and a variety of civil matters such as class actions and derivatives suits. Our broad experience and vast resources allow us to handle virtually every aspect of False Claims Act matters to the benefit of our clients. 

The False Claims Act has become an increasingly potent weapon and our team has proven to be a critical resource that clients demand on their side when faced with potentially catastrophic consequences. 

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