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Messages of Solidarity

Greenberg Traurig is committed to the rule of law, and equality for all. As such, we regularly act on and speak out against current events that target the underserved and are designed to undermine our basic freedoms. Following are a few of our most recent statements.

Greenberg Traurig is proud of our heritage as a firm founded by three Jewish attorneys and among the first to hire and elevate Hispanic attorneys to senior positions in Miami many years ago. As we have grown across the United States and across the world, we have remained committed to our founders' core values, which include: respect for every individual, commitment to a diverse workforce and profession, and a global focus on making a difference in the communities in which we live and work. Given the shocking recent rise in antisemitic statements and acts– including physical attacks on Jews in the United States and elsewhere – we feel compelled to reiterate that, as a firm, we denounce all actions that constitute hate, whether racial, religious, ethnic, gender, economic, or otherwise. 

When we opened our office in Tel Aviv, we realized that most global firms would not want to put their names on an office in Israel. We are not embarrassed about who we are. We are proud to be the first major global law firm that opened an office there some years ago, and Greenberg Traurig continues to have an enduring commitment to Israel's business community. 

We also support the Jewish community throughout the United States and elsewhere, through our financial support of and participation in a large number of important organizations.

No matter your background, the Greenberg Traurig family is here to listen and support you – as one firm, united.

Access to voting is a fundamental right for all Americans irrespective of race, income, disability or any other status. GT has and always will be a champion of equality, justice, and freedom – principles which require at their foundation equal access to the voting booth. Our firm always has been on the right side of history when it comes to social justice, the rule of law, and the fervent protection of democracy. 

Our beautiful, diverse GT family will continue to do so with a positive mindset, winning attitude, and true action that involves the contribution of our time and dollars to organizations that are like-minded and actively working to guarantee our American right to vote, among other very difficult issues addressing racial and social injustice.

How? We are going to do more!

You will soon hear from us about an increase in our commitment to address voter suppression. We will add a targeted program focused on pro bono legal services and funding to attack this issue from various sides -- as we did with systemic racism, and other critical topics across our more than 50 years of service. At GT we always put action over words; choosing to lead and not follow. The program will require a cross-section of the best legal minds and most caring, compassionate people I know – each of you - our GT colleagues. 

We do this as a firm and invite everyone here to also take part as individuals, because the more acting rather than just talking, the stronger we are and the greater the impact. 

This is the time to use our individual angst and passion for democracy and justice to fuel continuous acts of courage and support. We have an individual responsibility -- as much as a corporate one -- to work alongside those we seek to protect. 

Let’s do this! We are in this together! 

Already it has been a difficult 2021 for the Asian community given the growing incidents of traumatic and extremely violent crimes against Asian Americans – in our own backyard most recently in Atlanta, and across the nation in Queens, NY, San Francisco, CA, Denver, CO, and other cities. Hate is never OK. It is not who we are as a nation. The crimes against Americans of Asian descent or origin have no place in our society. And we cannot remain silent. 

Because of the current situation, these crimes are particularly heinous in that they target people of color, a population that has been disproportionally affected by the health and economic fallout of the pandemic.  

We urge community leaders of every race, religion, ethnic background, gender, or gender identity and expression, to raise their voices and denounce those responsible; address conditions that compromise the safety of communities of color; silence false information and thinly veiled racism delivered in public forums; and take swift and measurable action to end hate crimes, prioritizing the safety of Asian Americans everywhere. 

Unfortunately, hate knows no boundaries — not racial, ethnic, economic, or gender lines. Action is the key and the timeframe is urgent because an attack on Asian Americans is an attack on all of us. To combat it and win, we must double down, and stand together, forging personal and community relationships, having open conversations, and reaffirming that we are better than this.  


In the face of injustice, Greenberg Traurig’s Social, Racial, and Economic Justice Action Plan commits to upholding the rule of law and equality for all. 

More deeply than ever before, we join the voices against racism. We are listening. We see you. We are with you. As lawyers we have a responsibility to drive change, fight injustice, and advocate for justice. Never has it been more critical than now for us to recognize that role and opportunity and to act on it. We do a great deal. But it’s not enough. The murder of George Floyd — and those who came before and since him unfortunately — are stark reminders that we need to do more and stand up and ensure justice and respect for all. This is our time to listen. To have those uncomfortable conversations. To have the courage to act and to do our part. It is way past time. 

More than ever, all of us need to come together.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and respect for the individual are part of GT’s core values. We have redoubled our commitment to live and act on those values through the pillars of our Social, Racial, and Economic Justice Action Plan. These pillars focus on serving as community leaders, supporting and training our talent, and supporting programs that address systemic racism in our society and seek to provide impoverished communities and individuals with essential economic, social, and cultural rights.

Greenberg Traurig continues to be proud to stand with the LGBT community and those who support equality for all. We are committed to actions that afford or strengthen protection of LGBT individuals because our LGBT colleagues, clients, friends, and family should be able to live and work safely, free from discrimination simply because of who they are or who they love. diversity is a way of life for our firm. 

Since our inception, Greenberg Traurig has built an inclusive firm based on equality, fairness, and authenticity that includes a large LGBT family at every level of our organization. We understand the moral, business, and legal case for LGBT equality and are proof that an inclusive, supportive environment translates into happiness, better client service, and success. 

While we as a society have made progress, recent measures that sanction LGBT discrimination and overturned existing LBGT protections, however, show that our work is far from over.