Innovative Client Strategies

Client Experience Based Innovation

Artificial intelligence, legal entrepreneurs, expert systems, legal operations, blockchain, project management, data analytics and other innovations are rapidly changing how clients experience legal services. Having smart and talented lawyers alone is no longer sufficient. In today’s disrupted and competitive legal marketplace, sophisticated clients demand and deserve more. They want high quality legal advice and excellent client service.

Greenberg Traurig is dedicated to elevating how our clients experience legal services. At the core of this commitment is our Innovative Client Strategies Team. This multi-disciplinary team of attorneys and business professionals focuses solely on developing client experience based innovation. To elevate our clients’ experience, we focus on delivering more than just high quality legal advice – we strive to deliver enhanced value, better insights and more predictability.

From the outset of an engagement, clients want to understand how a law firm can help them, who is going to help them and at what cost. Clients need firms to better leverage their knowledge base and data to provide unique legal insights that can give them an advantage in the market. Clients want the costs of legal services to match how much they value those services, they want staffing to be optimized, and they want technology used to increase productivity.

At Greenberg Traurig we leverage six key innovation drivers—optimized staffing, improved planning, value-based pricing, strategic legal insights, productivity applications and our culture of innovation—to enhance our clients’ experience. By applying these drivers to the traditional legal model, we create innovative strategies that enable our attorneys to improve predictability, provide better insights, and ultimately deliver more value. Collaborating with our clients to meet their goals has always been a core principle at GT—deploying innovative strategies enables us to provide a best-in-class experience as we work to meet those goals.

For decades, Greenberg Traurig has fostered a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration, positioning our attorneys to provide the quality and value our clients seek. We have always looked outside of the traditional legal model for ways to provide better service to our clients, and fifty-plus years after our founding, we remain focused on developing innovative strategies that help our clients navigate the ever-changing legal and business environments.

To learn how Greenberg Traurig strives to elevate your experience through its use of innovative strategies, contact our Innovative Client Strategies Shareholder, Tom Romer, or your Greenberg Traurig attorney.

Select Achievements

  • Delivering More Predictable Immigration Outcomes. Managing tens of thousands of immigration matters efficiently and effectively requires good software and smart attorneys. To enhance how one Fortune 50 Company managed its immigration caseload, GT teamed up with their legal team to help develop a custom immigration case management software platform and related immigration matter playbook and templates. The software provides a more efficient and effective platform to track employee visa process and status which greatly enhances the predictability of immigration application outcomes.
  • Creating Litigation Case Insights and Improving Communication. Handling multiple similar litigation matters at once can cause headaches particularly if there is no centralized means of tracking case details and status. We were able to alleviate the pain and frustration experienced by one large retail client by developing litigation matter communication website that organized the status and details of multiple litigation matters. In addition to providing for better case management, the client uses the SharePoint site to glean insights from and recognize patterns developing with respect to similar cases. The website also enhances the client’s ability to track and monitor case status without having to constantly reach out via email for status updates.
  • Enhancing Value Through Smarter Pricing. When client expectations and actual cost are not aligned clients get frustrated. GT developed a M&A pricing template and deal complexity scoring system that are used by several franchise clients to better align the legal costs incurred in handling an acquisition or disposition of franchise locations transaction with the overall cost of the transaction. By increasing the awareness of cost and scaling costs to match deal size the client experience is greatly improved.
  • Saving Time with Automatic Immigration Status Assessment Tool. The constant back-and-forth required to gather relevant facts and receive advice to make a preliminary assessment of a foreign nationals immigration status eats up valuable client time. To preserve valuable client time and resources GT developed an online immigration status assessment tool that allows clients to quickly evaluate the immigration status of a potential new hire from a foreign jurisdiction automatically online without having to call an attorney.
  • Developing Strategic Insights with Litigation Case Data. Investigating and comparing the details of thousands of similarly situated cases without a functioning database wastes valuable time and resources and often produces suboptimal results. To allow our clients to develop valuable strategic insights buried in the facts and circumstances of thousands of cases, we developed a litigation case database that allows clients and attorneys to more effectively organize, aggregate and analyze the large volumes of important case related data. This tool allows clients to develop critical insights and recognize valuable patterns that enhances their ability to defend themselves in multi-party litigation.