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American Indian Tribes
Criminal Trial Advocacy Training

Tribes that are interested in offering trial advocacy training (both criminal and civil) for their Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Tribal Advocates, and others involved in the Tribal Court system can look to GT to provide the same high quality of training we provide to our own attorneys. Our specially selected faculty bring more than 55 years of experience in teaching trial advocacy, and use well-tested methods to ensure that by the time the attendees complete the 3-day intensive training, their courtroom skills will be demonstrably stronger than when they walked in the door. Our teaching methodology includes a mix of large group presentations sprinkled with demonstrations and discussion, as well as small group sessions where attendees are “on your feet” practicing the skills being taught. We also bring our own AV equipment so that we can record these “on your feet” sessions and provide one-on-one review sessions for individualized feedback and constructive critiques. Attendees also receive ample resource and reference materials to take home with them.

Click here to download an example of our training materials.

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Key GT Faculty
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