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China Newsletter, Winter 2015 / No. 29

The China Newsletter provides an overview of key developments in Chinese corporate, investment, tax, intellectual property, and food and drug legislation. This issue features the following articles:


  • SAIC Clarifies Issues Concerning Implementation of Interim Regulations on the Public Disclosure of Enterprise Information
  • SAIC Seeks Comments on the Proposed Measures for Penalizing Activities of Infringing Consumer Rights and Interests
  • China Announces the Interim Measures on the Public Disclosure of Information of Seriously Dishonest Enterprises Regarding Statistics Compilation

Foreign Direct Investment

  • State Council Announces the Decision Concerning the Interim Adjustment of Implementation of Relevant Administrative Regulations and Rules as Approved by State Council Regarding the Special Administrative Measure on Market Entry In China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone
  • China Seeks Comments on the Draft Revision of the Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalogue


  • State Administration of Taxation Re-issues the Announcement on Exemption of Value-added Tax for Taxable Cross-border Service

Intellectual Property

  • Supreme People’s Court Solicits Public Comments on Provisions on Several Issues Concerning the Trial of Administrative Cases Involving the Granting and Determination of Trademark Rights (Draft for Comments)
  • Supreme People’s Court Announces the Provisions on Jurisdiction in Cases of the Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Courts

Food and Drugs

  • CFDA Seeks Comments on Revised Draft of the Measures on the Administration of the Standards of Medical Devices
  • MOC and NDRC Release the Trial Measures for the Operation and Administration of Catering Industry

Outbound Investment

  • Ministry of Commerce Announces the Measures for Administration of Outbound Investment

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Four Agencies Jointly Release the Notice Concerning Parallel Administrative Approval Work on Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings of Public Companies


  • Standing Committee of the NPC Solicits Public Comments on the Modifications of the Advertising Law (Draft for Comments)
  • Supreme People’s Court Issues Regulations Relating to Tort Cases Involving the Use of Information Network
  • NPC Standing Committee Revises Administrative Procedure Law of PRC
  • China Solicits Public Comments on Proposed Administrative Rules for Telecommunication Short Message Services
  • CIETAC Amends Arbitration Rules
  • Four Agencies Issued Documents to Encourage Operation of For-Profit Elderly Care Institutions