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The New World Bank Procurement Framework

The World Bank’s board of executive directors approved a new Procurement Framework on July 21 that will govern World Bank financed procurement projects, available at Framework Executive Summary ¶ 1 and Framework ¶ 12 describe the changes as “a once-in-a-generation systemic reform and culture change,” and “a comprehensive modernization of the Bank’s entire procurement regime.”

The Framework is the result of “the first comprehensive review of Bank procurement since the Bank’s founding”—a three-year review process involving numerous consultations between the Bank and its stakeholders. Framework, at ¶¶ 5–9. As the Bank states in its “Review of the World Bank Procurement Policies and Procedures: Questions and Answers,” available at, the review was undertaken because much has changed since the Bank’s procurement guidelines were written in the 1960s, and the Bank’s one-sizefits-all approach is not sufficiently flexible to meet its clients’ current needs.

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