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City of Atlanta Issues Mask Mandate in Public Places

On July 28, 2021, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued an executive order (the “Order”) instituting an indoor mask or facial covering mandate within the city of Atlanta. Additionally, all City facilities including City Hall are now closed.

Specifically, Section 4 of the Order requires individuals to wear masks or facial coverings indoors at any “business, establishment, corporation, non-profit corporation, organization,” “polling place,” and “public place.” “Public place” is defined as “any place other than a personal vehicle, residential property, or an entity including the curtilage thereof.”


Importantly, Section 4(d)(6) of the Order provides for specific exceptions, including when wearing a facial covering or mask “would prevent the receipt of personal services or performing work in the course of employment.”

Other exceptions include:

  • When in a personal vehicle or residential property;
  • For bona fide religious reasons;
  • While eating or drinking;
  • When receiving medical care, if it is determined that a facial covering would inhibit the administration of such care;
  • When complying with the directions of law enforcement; and
  • Children under age 10.



Section 4(e)(2) provides that police officers and other authorized law enforcement officials have the authority to issue civil penalties of $25 for the first offense and $50 for subsequent offenses. Before any monetary fines are imposed, however, a warning must be provided to the individual, giving them the opportunity to put on a facial covering or mask.

For more information and updates on the developing situation, visit GT’s Health Emergency Preparedness Task Force: Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Business Continuity Amid COVID-19 page.