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GT Legal Food Talk Episode 14: Bioengineering in 2022: What’s in My Food?

In this episode of Greenberg Traurig’s Legal Food Talk, host Justin Prochnow and frequent co-host Michael Goodman discuss the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard which was implemented in 2020 but became mandatory for compliance as of January 1, 2022.  Justin and Michael start their discussion by breaking down the history of GMO and bioengineered labeling campaigns and how the new Standard came to pass. They then address various aspects of compliance, including what foods must comply, what crops are on the list of bioengineered foods, and what proof is needed to support being exempt from the Standard. Finally, the duo discuss the implications of the new bioengineering requirements, USDA enforcement, and the effect on other types of labeling like “non-GMO.” Tune in to hear all you ever wanted to know about growing modified food and what you might be eating!

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