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Top Women in The Law—Kristine J. Feher

An employment law partner in Greenberg Traurig's New Jersey office, Kristine Feher recently obtained unanimous defense verdicts in failure-to-accommodate and contract cases—including one appellate victory. She is the New Jersey liaison for the firm's Women's Initiative and chairs the branding committee.

What's your single best piece of advice for handling a crisis?

Think before you act. Even though time may be of the essence, it's important to think through the issues before you respond. Too often I've seen clients make a decision in the heat of a crisis which becomes a bigger problem than the original issue, and could have been avoided if we'd taken ten minutes to talk it through first.

If you weren't a lawyer, what would be your career?

Something creative—a cake decorator, photographer or advertising executive. I'm logical and analytical, but I have a creative side as well. I try to bring that to bear in how I approach legal issues; sometimes outside-the-box thinking can present an elegant solution to a difficult problem.

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