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Creative Chaos in a Temple of Money

Lejb Fogelman, a colorful figure and successful lawyer, composed his office out of a mix of Indian chieftains, Moses and Picasso’s lover. The outcome is as cozy as it is inspiring.

Karol Jedliński (KJ)

Even if he had an office with grey concrete walls and a plywood desk, there would be a lot to write about. After all, the host is Lejb Fogelman, by no means an ordinary figure – not only is he a senior partner in the global law firm Greenberg Traurig but also a prominent Warsaw socialite.

“I am a lawyer who services large mergers and acquisitions. And the stock exchange is a temple of money, the heart pumping it into the blood system of the economy. This is why our offices are at the Warsaw Stock Exchange,” Lejb Fogelman tells his guests as he invites them to sit down on colonial-style ornate benches around a huge low table.

The tabletop is littered with books and papers. Seeing my curiosity, he scoops up the stack of documents and removes it from sight. After all, this is where deals that could be worth billions are decided. As we are sitting comfortably, my host offers a juicy joke:

“Do you know why these benches evoke the atmosphere of the anteroom of a Turkish house of pleasure? Because we, lawyers, also get paid by the hour."

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