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Executive Trustee Council Spotlight: Bridget Berry

Bridget A. Berry counsels clients relating to business disputes, and advocates on behalf of clients in jury and non-jury, state and federal court actions, including collective and class actions, arbitrations and administrative proceedings.

Bridget regularly counsels employers and represents local and national clients relating to: protection of trade secrets and restrictive covenants, federal and state laws and regulations; gender, age and disability discrimination claims; harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation claims; wage and hour issues; Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) investigations and proceedings; and general employment matters. Additionally, Bridget enjoys a robust general litigation practice.

Areas of Concentration

  • Industries including: sports nutrition, nutraceutical, medical, financial institutions, hotels, resorts and clubs, real estate, construction, online education, retail, aviation, and domestic help,
  • Injunction actions, confidentiality and trade secret issues and employment restrictive covenant issues
  • Real estate and financial institution disputes including lender and lien foreclosures, development litigation, and disputes relating to affordable housing developments
  • Complex title insurance matters, including closing protection letter disputes, coverage disputes, defalcation actions, title and closing agent claims, fraud and forgery claims

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