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ICSC U.S. Law Conference

The ICSC U.S. Law Conference will provide retail real estate legal professionals the opportunity to gain industry-specific knowledge and insight from leading authorities. The conference will offer over 70 sessions presented in four different formats with interaction between panelists and attendees. On October 23th, GT Shareholder Howard Jeruchimowitz will speak on the panel, "Revolving Disputes: A Peer-to-Peer Discussion of Thought-Provoking Dilemmas from a Litigator's Lens." The presentation will use peer-to-peer discussions of recurring issues that arise in disputes and serve to frustrate both landlords and tenants. The goal of the session is to collectively unravel these issues and provide practical and helpful strategies for navigating through the dispute resolution process whether it be through mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

On October 25th, GT Shareholder Michelle Gambino will speak on the panel "Will Your Lease Get You Sued? Hear from the Litigators. "