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Bridgeport's Wage & Hour Litigation and Management Conference

This program is co-chaired by Timothy J. Long of Greenberg Traurig. Tim Long will also be presenting on the panel titled, "Mediation Damages, Settlement, including Tax Issues, Distribution of Funds and cy pres." Bridgeport’s annual Wage & Hour Update explores and explains in-depth, the critical and changing aspects of Wage & Hour litigation.  This year's program will focus on AB 5, the ever increasing use of PAGA in wage and hour litigation; key developments in the case law, interpreting the white collar exemptions, New Legislation, Regulations and Statutes and the enforcement and litigation of arbitration agreements. Developments in PAGA, class certification, independent contractor classification and arbitration agreements, impact most wage and hour practitioners currently prosecuting or defending these cases.  For those who dedicate their practice to class actions, whether plaintiff or defense, there is much to review and discuss from the past year.  This program, which is geared for the advanced practitioner, will cover the latest developments in the law of state and federal wage and hour actions as well as procedural advice from leaders in the field. This timely conference will include a discussion of the development of recent major cases and decisions as well as a look at upcoming cases and current practice.