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Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC): Internet, Mobile and Digital Law Year in Review: What You Need to Know for 2021 and Beyond

Silicon Valley Shareholder Ian Ballon will reprise his popular "year in review" program focusing on the latest intellectual property, privacy, cybersecurity, and online and mobile contract formation case law for the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel.  This year, Ian will address –  
  • Data portability, screen scraping and AI - the changing legal landscape
  • Privilege issues in cybersecurity investigations - how "standard practices" for many companies can create problems in litigation
  • Linking law revisited, including 2020 decisions on embedded links used in social media
  • Analyzing CCPA litigation one year after it commenced – what companies can and should do to avoid or defeat CCPA claims and how the landscape will change under the CPRA
  • Platform liability - The DMCA, CDA and other moderation rules under attack - and how that is impacting case law and strategy
  • The emerging circuit split on anti-SLAPP standards in federal court
  • Antitrust and platform liability in the era of Techlash
  • TCPA and lawful mobile marketing law update
  • Important new Terms of Use, mobile and online contract formation, privacy policy and arbitration case law
  • New developments in data privacy and cybersecurity class action suits
  • Litigating from home - how federal court litigation is changing as a result of the Pandemic and what that means for companies