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Landing Top Restaurant Talent Using Attractive Equity & Non-Equity Incentives

As all restaurateurs know, the need for strong restaurant talent has never been greater in both the C-Suite and the store level. From publicly traded restaurant groups to private, brands are relying more than ever on equity and non-equity incentives to attract, retain, and reward talent.

Greenberg Traurig Shareholders Riley Lagesen, Leanne Reagan and Landes Taylor, and The Elliot Group's Executive Vice President Joan Ray presented on the following topics:

  • What plans and terms attract top C-level talent at leading private and publicly traded restaurant groups
  • Steps every operator should follow to ensure success in devising and implementing an incentive plan – and what not to do
  • Business and legal considerations in structuring equity and non-equity incentive plans
  • Non-equity incentive plans that attract and motivate store-level talent