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U.S. and EU Data Privacy Compliance in the Healthcare Space

The Boston Patent Law Association's Computer Law Committee is hosting the webinar "U.S. and EU Data Privacy Compliance in the Healthcare Space" on Wednesday, June 29 at 12:00 PM EST. Greenberg Traurig Shareholder Gretchen A. Ramos, Co-Chair of the firm's Global Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, will be a panelist on the webinar and Greenberg Traurig Shareholder A.J. Tibbetts will be the program moderator. 

Advancements in medical technology are allowing individuals to collect and share more health data with their healthcare providers than ever before. While this enhances the quality of care that individuals receive, the increased processing of sensitive health data requires that organizations have a strong data privacy program and that they understand how they can process such data under the applicable data protection laws. This webinar will provide a high level overview of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the proposed EU Health Data Spaces well as the U.S.’s federal law (HIPAA), and state privacy laws that apply to the processing of health data in the healthcare space. The presenters will also discuss the processing and sharing of a patient’s health data for purposes other than treatment of that patient - such as for research purposes, training AI, and improving services -- and the steps that organizations might consider taking to be compliant with applicable data privacy laws in relation to such sharing.

Please click here to view a recording of the webinar. (Passcode: e+@km3.*)