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The Trademark Day 2023

Greenberg Traurig Shareholder Steven J. Wadyka, Jr will present during Sweden's The Trademark Day 2023 in Stockholm on March 9. Since 1992, The Trademark Day has been arranged as an annual seminar in Stockholm, Sweden. At The Trademark Day attendees will receive insights and knowledge, learn from other companies, and get the opportunity to network with other key players in the trademark industry. Steve's session, "US Perspective: Upcycling and Resale in The World of Fashion – Intellectual Property And Exhaustion Of Rights In The United States," review the ways in which the fashion industry is using upcycling to produce new and innovative fashion designs. The presentation will also discuss the legal concepts of the first sale doctrine and exhaustion of rights impact upcycling; and recent US case law and trends to help fashion industry professionals gauge the level of risk from different types of upcycling.