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Unsere Netiquette

Greenberg Traurig Germany’s Social Media Netiquette

On our social media channels, we inform you about us and our law firm and offer contributions on topics that can stimulate discussion. We welcome and appreciate this exchange with users of our channels as well as critical feedback. However, we ask you to adhere to the following netiquette on our channels. We reserve the right to delete any content suspected of being illegal or violating this netiquette in whole or in part without prior notice: 
  • Please observe our taboos: refrain from abusive criticism, insults, slander, defamation, provocation and the glorification of violence as well as comments with vulgar, discriminating, racist, sexist, hateful and/or illegal statements or content. Furthermore, our social media channels are not a place to spread political or religious messages.
  • Please comply with the law. Observe the rights of third parties and, in particular, copyright, trademark and data protection laws. The publication of legally protected files (e.g., photos, videos, GIFs or text excerpts) or links to such sources on other websites, and the disclosure of personal data (e.g., name or photo) of third parties is not permitted on our channel.
  • Get involved in the dialogue. However, always remain open, civil, respectful and considerate.
  • Please stay on topic. Your mentions or comments should have a concrete, direct and factual connection to the topic of the respective contribution or to topics related to Greenberg Traurig Germany. In your contributions, please refer to the content put up for discussion. 
  • No advertising, please. Refrain from commercial contributions and advertising.
  • Stay authentic - we are authentic, too. Like we do, always write articles under your real name, do not pretend to be someone else. 
  • Please let everyone have a say. As an American law firm, we communicate on our channels in German and/or English. In order not to exclude other visitors from communication, please also formulate your comments in German or English.
  • Please contact us. If you have an inquiry about us as a law firm, e.g., regarding your client relationship with us, please contact your previous contact person at any time. This way, you can protect the confidentiality of your information and contact details and prevent them from being on our public channel for everyone to see. 
  • Critical feedback is important to us and helps us to continually improve. But protecting our employees is equally important to us. We therefore reserve the right to delete comments that mention the names of our employees.
  • We do not take responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, reliability and completeness of comments of the visitors on our channel. 

Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy using our social media services.