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GT's Unique Client Services

Client Experience Based Innovation

Our Innovative Client Services

GT has been successful in developing solutions to alleviate client frustration from managing multiple similar litigation matters at one time. For example, we created a proprietary client management micro-site to track the status and details of multiple litigation matters for a large retail client. In addition to providing for better case management, the client uses this site to glean insights from and recognize patterns for their respective matters. The website also allows the client to monitor case status without having to depend on direct attorney interaction via email or phone calls.

In another example, we developed a litigation case database that allowed our client and attorneys to more effectively organize, aggregate and analyze large volumes of important case related data. The database cut down on the significant amount of time spent investigating and comparing the details of thousands of similarly situated cases. Through the creation of this tool the client is now able to focus on recognizing valuable patterns and developing strategic insights which ultimately enhanced the client’s ability to defend itself in multi-party litigation.

GT recognizes that ongoing educational programs are a high priority, both on an in-house basis and for clients. Sharing exceptional education programs and resources with our clients has been an ongoing practice at GT. We have extraordinary experience in the training field and have developed programs uniquely designed for specific client needs. Our educational seminars and training events cover the full range of legal issues and can be efficiently and inexpensively adapted to our client’s needs. We have programs targeted to in-house counsel as well as compliance and best practices programs targeted to non-legal employees.

Our Hoffman Professionalism Center provides approximately 200 CLE programs annually. In light of our commitment to developing client relationships, GT offers many of these programs as a value-added service, at no cost to clients. Finally, we periodically provide to our clients, via e-mail, “GT Alerts,” to advise clients of significant legislative and case law developments.

From the outset of an engagement, clients want to understand how a law firm can help them, who is going to help them, and at what cost. We also recognize that clients need their representative firms to better leverage their knowledge and data to provide unique legal insights that can give them an advantage in the market. Clients want the costs of legal services to match how much they value those services, they want staffing to be optimized, and they want technology used to increase productivity. With that in mind, we have a dedicated innovative client services team that is able to create customized communication plans and design technology efficiency tools.

At GT, we have a dedicated client services team to promote productivity and collaboration, internally and on behalf of our clients. There are several core functions within the team that are leveraged by our attorneys to deliver the highest quality client experience, which includes:

  • Optimized Staffing: Our staffing team crafts solutions outside of the historic partner, associate and paralegal model, from staff augmentation to insource expertise, to deliver top quality legal advice at a price point aligned with our clients’ cost expectations.
  • Productivity Applications: From advanced document preparation software, to artificially intelligent due diligence software and enhanced video conference services, there are many technologies that our productivity applications team deploys to improve the efficiency and ease of how you experience the legal services our lawyers provide.
  • Our Matter Intelligence Team: Assists in assuring these processes are developed and implemented for our clients’ fee arrangements.
  • Strategic Legal Insights: Through data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many other emerging tools, our team harnesses our vast experience and knowledge resources to provide unparalleled strategic legal insights to our clients.

For decades, GT has fostered a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration, positioning our attorneys to provide the quality and value our clients seek. We have always looked outside of the traditional legal model for ways to provide better service to our clients, and fifty-plus years after our founding, we remain focused on developing industry-leading strategies that help our clients navigate the ever-changing legal and business environments.

At GT, we are consistently challenging ourselves to seek out ways to improve client experience, maintain a habit of improvement, and to cultivate innovation in every lawyer and business professional across the firm. The following are several examples of recent innovation client stories and solutions we have proactively designed with, and on behalf of, our clients.

Innovation Stories

  • Enhancing Deal Flow and Communication through Process Improvement. We built an online deal collaboration platform where various client team members and lawyers (both in-house and outside counsel) can share and track information about and M&A deal in real time. The platform serves as a central repository for current deal documents, historical information, best practices tips and tools, and form deal documents. Why: This tool enhanced client’s ability to quickly and effectively communicate critical deal information, consolidate deal documents in one place, and cut back on unnecessary email traffic.
  • Delivering More Predictable Immigration Outcomes. We partnered with a Fortune 50 company’s legal team to develop a custom immigration case management software platform and related immigration matter playbook and templates. Why: The software provides a more efficient and effective platform to track employee visa process and status which greatly enhances the predictability of immigration application outcomes.
  • Creating Litigation Case Insights and Improving Communication. We developed litigation matter communication website that organized the status and details of multiple litigation matters. The website also enhances the client’s ability to track and monitor case status without having to constantly reach out via email for status updates. Why: This approach provides for better case management and the client (major retailer) uses the website to glean insights from and recognize patterns developing in similar cases.
  • Enhancing Value Through Smarter Pricing. We developed an M&A pricing template and deal complexity scoring system to better align the legal costs incurred in handling an acquisition or disposition (of franchise locations, for example) transaction with the overall cost of the transaction. Why: Increasing the awareness of cost and scaling costs to match deal size the client can deliver a best in class client experience.
  • Improving Due Diligence Using Artificial Intelligence. Our attorneys are armed with an artificial intelligent machine learning program to more quickly and effectively review and analyze commercial contracts and real property leases. The software assists attorneys to quickly review, identify or classify content and record their analysis. Why: Users can review more agreements and provide more accurate analysis in less time.
  • Saving Time with Automatic Immigration Status Assessment Tool. We developed an online immigration status assessment tool that allows clients to quickly evaluate the immigration status of a potential new hire from a foreign jurisdiction automatically online without having to call an attorney. Why: Valuable client time and resources are preserved.
  • Helping Clients Choose the Best Arbitrator with Data Analytics. We built a database of case outcomes which contains critical data on the arbitrator. Each arbitrator is scored on several important factors selected by the client. Why: Clients’ ability to quickly choose the best arbitrator for their case is greatly enhanced.
  • Developing Strategic Insights with Litigation Case Data. We developed a litigation case database that allows clients and attorneys to more effectively organize, aggregate and analyze the large volumes of important case related data. Why: To allows clients to develop critical insights and recognize valuable patterns that enhances their ability to defend themselves in multi-party litigation.

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