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GeTtin' SALTy Episode 17 | Catching up with DeAndré Morrow on the Maryland Digital Ad Tax Procedural Labyrinth

In this episode of GeTtin’ SALTy, host Nikki Dobay is once again joined by DeAndré Morrow, of counsel in Greenberg Traurig's Washington, D.C., office, to provide an update on the quagmire that is the Maryland Digital Advertising Tax (DAT). Since Nikki and DeAndré last discussed the Maryland DAT on the podcast (click here to listen to that episode), a lot has happened on the procedural front. Nikki and DeAndré delve into the complexities and ensuing litigation, discussing the recent denials of numerous refund claims by the Comptroller and the progression of an active appeal in Maryland Tax Court. They also explore the procedural challenges related to the DAT, speculate on the comptroller’s strategy, and discuss how all this might impact the Federal appeal. Finally, Nikki and DeAndre talk about the recent holiday and their favorite costumes!