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Law360's Weekly Verdict: Legal Lions

Legal Lions


The Federal Circuit on Friday refused to revive Tennessee computer company BE Technology LLC’s patent that covers targeted advertising and is at the center of the company’s infringement suits against Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Sony, ruling the Patent Trial and Appeal Board properly construed its language. The ruling was a win for the technology companies’ lawyers at Mayer Brown LLP, Cooley LLP, Sidley Austin LLP, Kenyon & Kenyon LLP, Greenberg Traurig LLP and K&L Gates LLP. Google is represented by Brian Rosenthal, Clinton Brannon, Paul W. Hughes and Andrew J. Pincus of Mayer Brown LLP. Facebook is represented by Heidi Lyn Keefe, Orion Armon, Peter Sauer and Mark R. Weinstein of Cooley LLP. Microsoft is represented by Jeffrey Paul Kushan, Scott Border, Ryan C. Morrisand Samuel Dillon of Sidley Austin LLP. Sony is represented by John Flock and Paul T. Qualey of Kenyon & Kenyon LLP. Samsung is represented by Joshua Lee Raskin of Greenberg Traurig LLP. and People Media are represented by Jason A. Engel andKacy Dicke of K&L Gates LLP.

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