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Celesq Program: Self-Sponsored Immigration Options to the US

Nataliya Rymer will be speaking on the Celesq program titled, "Self-Sponsored Immigration Options to the US"
Program Description:
Within U.S. immigration law, there are only a handful of paths to permanent residence via self-sponsorship, and these are generally all in the employment-based immigrant categories. For those seeking temporary visas, while there is technically no self-sponsorship possible, some temporary visa categories allow foreign nationals to form corporate entities to act as temporary visa petitioners or, in limited cases, have their companies overseas act as such sponsors.
This program will go through these visa categories as well as self-sponsored permanent residence categories, including a detailed discussion of requirements, strategies, common pitfalls, and adjudication trends.
Our program will cover:
Self-sponsorship for permanent residence: EB-1 extraordinary ability and EB-2 National Interest Waiver petitions: requirements, concerns, adjudication trends.
Nonimmigrant visa categories: O-1, E-1 and E-2, L-1: requirements, common concerns and strategies, adjudication trends.