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Legal Frontiers: Mapping the Next Wave

Chief legal officers, general counsel, and senior legal leaders face an increasingly challenging business marketplace. Understanding the legal trends makes requirements to mitigate vulnerabilities, maintain compliance, and capitalize on opportunities an easier task. Challenges (or opportunities) of technology advances, geopolitical and economic volatility, regulatory uncertainty, and workforce disruptions are converging to upend established business models and profitability. A knowledgeable in-house legal department will help to alleviate C-suite anxiety. Join us to explore the latest legal trends and insights to stay ahead in your role:

• Transactions and Contracts, Nicholas Kypriotakis
• Tax Advantaged Transactions, Laura Hendee Siman
• Labor and Employment, Cayla Page
• Litigation and Regulatory, Ryan T. Hopper
• Artificial Intelligence – Ethical Issues, David B. Weinstein

Please join us for this Continuing Legal Education course to learn more about these issues.