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The 10 Most Charitable Law Firms

The 10 law firms that made the largest charitable donations in 2014 according to a Law360 survey gave back to their communities by funneling millions of dollars into worthy organizations and programs to fund legal aid efforts, education programs and services for the disadvantaged.

For many of the firms that responded to Law360’s philanthropy survey, charitable giving is as much a part of their culture as pro bono efforts are. While their committee structures and areas of focus may vary, the firms all approach philanthropy as an informal mandate, and donations are a key part of that.


Topping the list at more than $7 million in donations last year is Greenberg Traurig LLP.

"[For] many years, Greenberg Traurig lawyers from across the firm regularly help the most needy on matters as wide-reaching as human rights and economic development, and as personal as domestic violence, children’s issues and immigration,” says CEO Richard Rosenbaum. “Our mission is not only about helping clients navigate change; we also need to help our neighborhoods and families stay strong in changing times.”

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