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Class of 2010 Reflects Firm's Diversified Platform

Miami, FL (January 1, 2010) — The international law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP has elevated 40 attorneys to shareholder or of counsel positions. Reflecting the firm's diversified platform and wide-ranging legal experience, the new shareholders and of counsels represent 20 different locations and 10 areas of practice.

In addition, the firm reports that more than 70 attorneys joined as lateral shareholders in 2009, placing Greenberg Traurig first among U.S. law firms who grew without major acquisitions based on the AmLaw 2010 Laterals Report. “These appointments reflect not only dedication to client service but also to focusing on working more efficiently on behalf of clients while never losing sight of quality. The promotions embody Greenberg Traurig’s culture of opportunity where an individual is valued as a contributor to the overall work of the team; and where collaboration is a core strength, " said Cesar L. Alvarez, Greenberg Traurig’s Executive Chairman.

The newly elevated attorneys also reflect the firm’s commitment to ethnic and gender diversity. The firm reports that of the newly elevated shareholders, 63 percent are either ethnic minorities or women. The group also includes an openly gay attorney.

Greenberg Traurig has more than 1,775 attorneys with more offices in the United States than any other firm among the Top 20 on The National Law Journal's 2008 NLJ 250. Greenberg Traurig also has offices in Europe and in Asia.

“The legal industry has changed significantly in just the past few years. We believe that these changes have been good for our profession. It has required the legal industry to align its interests with those of its clients, and this is healthy. Whatever future changes are needed by our clients, it is this type of focused individual who will help us work hand-in-hand with them to deliver what works for those we serve. We value smart and efficient work because we know that our future is in our client’s future. Our attorneys are aware and prepared for a new world where together, we can make change work for all of us,” Alvarez said.

According to the firm, Greenberg Traurig clients have access to more than 20 major practice groups as well as a significant number of industry-specific teams working from 32 offices for clients in an ever-increasing number of markets. The firm prides itself on its geographic, experience and attorney and business staff diversity, having garnered many accolades and top rankings for its achievements and work in the diversity in the legal profession arena.

The attorneys in the 2010 new shareholder class firmwide were, by area of practice:


Practice Focus Attorney Office
Litigation Ina M. Berlingeri Fort Lauderdale
  Jeannette M. Brook Denver
  Abigail A. Clapp Chicago
  Alan A. Greenberg Orange County
  Christiana P. Jacxsens Atlanta
  Wendy M. Mantell Los Angeles
  Cynthia L. Neidl Albany
  Brian J. Schulman Phoenix
  Gregory W. Seibt Phoenix
IP Litigation Shailendra Maheshwari Washington, DC
  Raye L. Daugherty Phoenix
Corporate & Securities Alice L. Connaughton New York
  Nancy S. Hawkins Phoenix
  Nathan Limpert New York
  Jason C. McDonald Orlando
  Ryan H. McLennan Chicago 
  Zarifa M. Reynolds Miami
  Matthew M. Robbins Fort Lauderdale
Public Finance Brigitte Finley Green Phoenix
  Ken M. Neighbors Orlando
Entertainment David P. Markman Los Angeles
Environmental Iris Escarra Miami
  Paul R. McIntyre Philadelphia
Government Contracts Kara M. Bombach Washington, DC

Attorneys named Of Counsel for 2010 firmwide were, by area of practice:


Practice Focus Attorney Office
Litigation Chris F. Austin Las Vegas
  Paul J. Brown Houston
  Jonathan C. Chane Palm Beach - North
  Rachel Lois Izower New York
  David C. Jensen New Jersey
  Laurie A. Poulos New Jersey
  Justin J. Prochnow Denver
 Corporate & Securities Siobhan Keegan New York
  John L. Tobin Houston
IP - IT Tracie R. Chesterman New York
  Daniel A. Feuerstein New Jersey
Israel Practice Meital Stavinsky  Miami
Bankruptcy Anne M. Loraditch Las Vegas