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The Variety 2016 Legal Impact Report

Mathew Rosengart

Litigator: Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

Boston College Law School, 1987

Movie employers are offering fewer pay-or-play deals, but Rosengart sees more disputes over such guaranteed paydays. Litigation commences, but court trials don’t necessarily follow. “The stakes are high in a trial” he says, because court decisions are typically all-or-nothing to each party. So “there is a general trend of litigation to be resolved amicably as opposed to the parties incurring the time and expense of a protracted trial.” Rosengart reps Red Bull Media House, Michael Mann, Mary Tyler Moore for privacy, and Sean Penn in a defamation lawsuit and other matters.


Daniel H. Black

Transactional: Shareholder and chair, West Coast entertainment and media practice, Greenberg Traurig

George Washington U.’s National Law Center, 1976

Black finds that producers of digital content come in all sizes. Besides the startups that need financing, Black also reps big non-Hollywood companies wanting to directly inject their intellectual property into digital media. They become producers to “much more closely manage the integration of their messages and product into that content.” Examples include cosmetics giant Revlon and characters house the Pokémon Co. Intl., which Black reps. His practice encompasses both corporate and talent including Conde Nast Entertainment, the BBC over-the-top TV initiative, writer-producer Natalie Krinsky and writer-producer-TV show creator Robert Padnick.


Bobby Rosenbloum

Transactional: Shareholder and co-chairman, Atlanta entertainment and media practice, Greenberg Traurig

Harvard Law School, 1994

Rosenbloum sees digital ventures in the pipeline that will plug music into non-music platforms, and often by big companies not previously in the tune biz. “Music will be integrated with a wide variety of other products and services, including social networks, products in the gaming space and hardware devices,” he says. In the past, ventures made music a centerpiece. Rosenbloum also sees new entrants piecing together their own music solutions, finding off-the-shelf options not suitable to simply plug into mobile, automotive and social networks. His clients include AwesomenessTV, Dick Clark Prods., Deezer, GoPro, Microsoft, the Recording Academy and SoundCloud.

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